Our CRM dashboard provides a structured overview of your business activities and a quick access to information and shared tasks.

Working with the KundenMeister CRM Dashboard

As soon as you log in to the KundenMeister, the KundenMeister dashboard will appear as a home page, displaying the most important information about your organization in one place. The KundenMeister dashboard is a so-called user dashboard, allowing each user to define their own view. Our CRM dashboard is designed so that each user can perform specific actions and tasks from the dashboard with a single mouse click. This allows sales reps to see a detailed report of all upcoming sales appointments and follow-up calls by clicking on the appropriate area on the dashboard.

To ensure optimal working with the KundenMeister CRM Dashboard, all widgets, buttons and functions can be freely arranged. With drag-and-drop you can move every single area on the dashboards.

Basic Functions of the CRM Dashboard

To get the most out of the KundenMeister dashboard, we'll show you the most basic features of the interface. A distinction must be made between quicklink buttons (quick access) and dashboard modules or widgets. While the quicklink buttons lead you to a certain action (e.g. creating a new contact) with a mouse click, the dashboard modules provide an overview of the options, upcoming activities/events or important KPIs in CRM.

KundenMeister CRM Dashboard
  1. Logo: No matter in what menu item in the KundenMeister you are, as soon as you click on your logo on the top left, you will immediately return to the start page and thus to your dashboard.
  2. Quick access: Under the quick access section you will find your quicklink buttons to call up a specific page or perform a specific action. Of course, you can define which buttons appear in this view individually under the dashboard master data.
  3. Dashboard module: All other areas represent dashboard modules that you can also create or delete. Here as well, certain actions can be carried out via the respective module (for example: mark a task as completed, change the status of an opportunity, etc.)
  4. Module alignment: Use the two icons to the right of the dashboard widgets to align them. Click the crosshairs, hold down the mouse button, and move the dashboard module to the desired location. The area can be opened and closed with the arrow symbol. So users can arrange their dashboards according to their own wishes.

Key Figure Overview on the Dashboard

In addition to actions and tasks, the most important CRM key figures are available to you with the creation of individual quick access buttons on the dashboard. Whether evaluating your sales opportunities, reports on sales figures or products, you can call up your key figures with a click of a mouse, which are also known as key performance indicators (KPIs), in the appropriate overview and can make decisions based on these quickly and easily. But not only sales people benefit from the KundenMeister key figures overview, other departments can also display the most important KPIs of your area in seconds. Employees in marketing, for example, have a structured analysis of their newsletters with relevant key figures such as click-through rates, log-off rates, etc., whereas the accounting department can call up visualized billing reports with just one click and keep track of paid and unpaid bills.

Individual Key Figure Overview According to Your Needs

In order to make your dashboard as individual as possible and to be able to adapt it to your daily tasks and activities, the KundenMeister offers you, in addition to standard quick links, the possibility to create your own quick access buttons for your key figure overview on the dashboard. The creation of a new button is always carried out under the master data settings - here you define color, icon and the link for your quick access. This link leads directly to your CRM key figures and can be accessed directly after saving the setting via the dashboard.

Kennzahlenübersicht am KundenMeister CRM Dashboard