Newsletter Tool

The KundenMeister newsletter tool convinces with an easy-to-use editor and intelligent functions for the uncomplicated creation of attractive newsletters.

Professional Newsletter Tool with Flexible Editor

With the KundenMeister we deliver you the optimal newsletter tool for appealing e-mail marketing campaigns. With little effort and no prior knowledge or technical know-how, you create your own creative mailings with our professional software for newsletters. The KundenMeister has an intuitive newsletter editor for this, which makes it easy to create mailings. From the design of individual newsletter templates and the insertion of various content elements, to the personalized reader address, intelligent features are available for your newsletter marketing.

A simple building blocks principle make the editor of the KundenMeister newsletter tools the perfect tool in e-mail marketing. The structure of the newsletter according to so-called 'lines' ensures optimum structure of your mail content. For each line, you can define height, spacing, background color, etc. In addition, your line can be divided into columns and filled with various elements, such as text, images, icons, etc., as appropriate. For example, in the newsletter tool you can ideally determine how much space an image occupies in order to be able to insert an appealing text next to it. You can create your own layout here or use the predefined content templates of the KundenMeister.

Editor des Newsletter Tools KundenMeister

Create Attractive Newsletter Templates

The first step in preparing a mailing with the newsletter software should always be the creation of an attractive newsletter template. Not only do you ensure a consistent image of your corporate design newsletter, but you save a lot of time by not having to re-enter recurring header and footer information every time. Of course, you have the opportunity to design various newsletter templates for different events or mailing campaigns. If you need support in the creation of your newsletter template(s), we also like to create one or more creative templates in consultation with you, which you can access from every newsletter.

Important information that you should include in the header and footer of your newsletter:

  • company logo
  • name and address
  • imprint
  • unsubscribe link
  • browser view of the newsletter
  • links to website, social media profiles etc.

Make Newsletters Based on Your Templates

Once your newsletter template has been created and selected, you can use it to prepare the content individually for your newsletter campaigns. There are no limits to your imagination - the newsletter tool provides you with numerous content elements.

As in Word, you can define fonts, sizes, colors etc. in your newsletter texts via a so-called text editor. Even embedding images is child's play with Newsletter software. You upload your desired image into the database, you can still crop and edit it accordingly. Images not only relax the layout of your newsletter, with the right images, products can be sold much better and arouse emotions. To help you visualize your themes with the right images and to make a great impact on readers, our newsletter tool has an extensive image library. Here are thousands of pictures on various topics legally and free of charge.

Erstellung einer Newsletter Vorlage im KundenMeister

Manage Registration forms and Contacts with the Newsletter Software

Your newsletter marketing lives from the data you have about customers, partners, suppliers, etc. Because only if you send targeted information to interested parties, you will achieve the desired opening and click rates. But managing this mass of data requires an intelligent and professional system, such as the KundenMeister. Use the newsletter tool to collect and prepare your data in a structured way for your mailings. Individual contact forms help you to capture relevant interests and customer data. Depending on the stakeholder, you can use it to query the data that is really important for this contact group.

In addition, the newsletter software also provides so-called distribution lists. Distribution lists are topics or areas of interest that are particularly interesting for specific contacts. By assigning your contacts to these distribution lists, you ensure that only those customers who are interested in the topic receive corresponding newsletters. Not only higher reading numbers are the result, but also increased customer loyalty. And to give your customers a sense of appreciation, you can include these distribution lists in your signup form so that your customers can choose the topics they want news on.