Sie hätten gerne einen ganz speziellen Newsletter? Ihr Unternehmen ist auf der Suche nach einer ganz individuellen Funktion für das E-Mail Marketing?

Additional modules

You would like to transmit a special newsletter? Your company looks for individual features for its E-mail marketing?

We would really like to support your marketing activities by creating individual solutions that meet your requirements. An example for such a solution is our Birthday newsletter.

Birthday newsletter

With little acts of courtesy great impacts can often  be achieved: for example by an electronical birthday message.

KundenMeister sends birthday newsletters automatically to your contacts. You only have to create the template for your birthday newsletter. You are also able to add a salutation field so that the software put in the name of the recipient automatically. Afterwards you choose your mailing lists or contact groups that should receive a birthday newsletter.

Each chosen contact receives automatically a birthday newsletter on the day of his/her birthday. Furthermore, you will also get an information about clients who have received the birthday newsletter and which contacts celebrate their birthday in the next 3 days.