SMS for associations

Via KundenMeister your are able to transmit SMS within few seconds to a group of people. Your contacts can decide on their own where and when they would like to read the messages.

All clients within a particular contact group receive identical information. KundenMeister removes the border between SMS and E-mails.

Within the software it is negligible through which channel your messages are sent. You can transmit your messages via E-mail newsletters, SMS, Twitter or Facebook message.

Your message is received with the mobile phone, personal computer or with the social media accounts of your contacts. KundenMeister ensures a reliable solution.

SMS and E-mail contact groups and mailing lists

The mailing list of your association including contact groups and contact details like phone numbers and E-mail addresses can be administrated easily via KundenMeister.

You don't have to install an additional software, due to the possibility to organise your appointments and to transmit messages online. The benefit of this potentiality is that you are able to use KundenMeister irrespective of platforms and the place where you currently are located. Due to the encoded transmission of data, our team guarantees a secure solution for your association.

KundenMeister - Communication centre for associations

For a lot of associations it is very difficult to organise meetings, matches or workouts and to inform members about news beyond their regular meetings. By the use of KundenMeister such problems can be solved easily.

SMS and E-mail applications of KundenMeister

  • Reminder of further meetings
  • Arrangement of appointments
  • Information about tournaments and matches
  • Recent changes
  • Personal association-fan service