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New communication possibilities due to our KundenMeister SMS tool

Reach your customers from anywhere! Our business SMS tool allows you to reach your target groups in two ways: on the one hand, your customers have the possibility to inform themselves autonomously about specific offerings. On the other hand, your contact data is automatically saved, without having to enter it manually.

Functions & benefits

Discover the wide range of SMS module features. Scheduled SMS dispatch, personalised contents and an effective cost control ensure your  newsletter success!

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Areas of application

For several industries, SMS marketing represents a cost-efficient communication tool. Whether if you are a hotel, doctor or industrial company, we show you how to take advantage of our SMS tool.

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Website integration

The KundenMeister SMS tool will be directly integrated into your website. This saves valuable time as the software automatically generates new contacts and builds up a reliable database for a successful customer relationship management. Each customer can subscribe to his or her preferred topics.

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